Doing well in our investments
by Doing Good in our communities

About us

Convergence Real Estate Partners an investment group that seeks to provide our investors with opportunities to build wealth through the numerous benefits of real estate investing. We believe that the convergence between helping our investors reach their wealth building goals (Doing Well) and bettering the communities we invest in (Doing Good), is not only possible, but each is essential to sustain success.


Tax Benefits

Investing in real estate offers a number of tax benefits that can significantly reduce an investor’s tax liability. 

Inflation Hedge

Instead of being negatively affected, real estate valuations and rents generally rise with inflation. 


Responsible leverage allows an investor to control a larger asset with less upfront capital and potentially earn a higher return on investment.

Passive Income

When real estate is purchased correctly and operated efficiently, it provides a reliable and attractive amount of passive income.


Compared to other asset classes such as stocks and bonds, real estate prices have historically shown less volatility in their appreciation and tend to be more resilient during economic downturns.

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